About Us

Based in Ontario, Canada, we at “Mmm, Waffles!” absolutely LOVE waffles! We love its golden-brown texture, tantalizing aroma, and syrupy goodness. So, we decided to create a website dedicated to our favourite food.

You can find recipes, videos, products, and anything else waffle related on our site.

The products we sell are all brand new and of high quality. We will also provide a tracking number on all purchases, and presently only ship within Canada. Currently, all purchases are completed through PayPal, as to ensure the safety and security of all personal and financial information.

Also, our website is hosted with a provider that is PCI Compliant, and we maintain a valid and secure SSL certificate. We do this to further ensure the safety of our customers’ information.

If you would like to reach us, you can email us at:   mmmwaffles.3@gmail.com

Waffle lovers, unite!